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Music by Feya Soothsayer

Feya: fairy
Soothsayer: a person who predicts the future

Feya Soothsayer is a singer/songwriter within the antifolk genre. Her voice is clear and soothing, accompanied by soft guitar music. This music is inspired by both nature and fantasy; it is fuelled by a desire to unflinchingly delve into the depths of emotion and uncertainty in order to understand what makes us human.

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About Feya Soothsayer

Feya Soothsayer is a Lithuanian-born singer-songwriter. The name "Feya" is a nod to her Lithuanian heritage as the word feya (spelled fėja) means fairy in Lithuanian. She grew-up with her grandmother who always encouraged her to pursue music. Music has always been a hobby and a way to feel and express things that can be difficult to articulate in words. Soothsayer means someone who predicts the future, and while she makes no claims of the predictive power of her songs, it reflects her goal for her music - songs which are based on her own truth, at times won painfully by delving deep into the murky waters of difficult feelings in an attempt to connect with herself, nature, humanity, and ultimately find healing. Feya is based in Plymouth, UK.

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News & Updates

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Upcoming dates: 30th of October

Feya Soothsayer will be appearing on PTown radio ( on Friday, the 30th of October 8-9pm, interviewed by Chi Bennett. Tune in to hear some original songs and poems.

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Past events

Tea in the garden with Queen Chi

I recently visited Chi (Queen Chi) who kindly filmed me singing a few of my songs. Her garden was beautiful and full of flowers and plants and it was so peaceful and lovely to share music and get to know each other a bit more. Keep up the good work, Chi and the Wonderzoo team! Learn more about what they do here:

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WonderZoo Gig Review: Thursday 25th June. ‘Hysteria’. Written by Chi Bennett.

"Gorgeous poetry of nature, seasons, relationships and uncertainty. Her voice has the warmth of a friend.
She is a bright, shiny soul who conjures pristine images of beauty with her carefully crafted journeys that take us into other worlds. Her songs are like golden nuggets of wisdom and nostalgia.
She sings, “The world is already so hurtful and dark, we should cling to each other so we don’t fall apart”. “Give me your essence to calm the dread”. And asks the important question, “When do we know that we know?”
Thank you [Feya] for calming my dread by sharing your essence with me. You gave us a beautiful experience with your poetry and songs."

Listen to the full recording of the gig including my poetry and songs here: 

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